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Main Street Chiropractic Reviews

There is nothing more flattering than a review from a current patient.

Please read below to see what they have to say and give us a call if you’d like us to give you a great reason to leave a review as well!


  • It was the most thorough exam and explanation that I have ever had! I feel confident in the process.
    -Bruce D.
  • It was the most though Chiropractic intake I have ever experienced. Dr. Brett is passionate at what he does. He is result driven. Love him.
    -Carol P.
  • I’m thankful for the help I’m receiving!!!
    -Gwen O.
  • My back pain is getting better and I am able to do some household chores. Thank you doctor.
    -Jessy A.
  • Dr Bret is awesome. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful with my issues. I would definitely recommend him to anyone of my family and friends
    -Tony S.
  • It was nice to see the Dr Wartenberg again. Always positive energy and giving one hope for a more pain-free future.
    -Judy R.
  • Dr Wartenberg is great! He has helped me more than any other chiropractor has in the past! I would highly recommend seeing him.
    -Cassandra M.
  • The doctor was fantastic! Super thorough. I know he can help me. Can’t wait to go back
    -Nicole J.
  • Very professional yet personable. Made me feel very comfortable.
    -Dan H.
  • Specifically looking for a Gonstead Chiropractor, thankfully I found Dr. Wartenberg. To date, I have received excellent care in order to help ease/eliminate my lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and alignment, headaches and the tingling sensation in my arm upon waking!!
    -Karen P.

Highly Trained and Committed

From past visits to Chiropractors I knew quickly that Dr Wartenberg is highly trained and committed to the success that his treatments can afford his patients. His patient prep (first visit evaluation) uses state of the art equipment and techniques. I look forward to the benefit of his services.

~ William K.

Give Him A Try

I have never had such a thorough and well-explained exam. I am excited to start treatment because I take care of two people at home that I am already bringing for treatment. One has back pain that was so severe that it had to be treated with narcotics. Even though her treatment is intermittent, her pain has been reduced by 50% (her words) and she’s taking less medication than she has in the last 15 years (at least). The other had a stroke in 2003 and is slowly regaining a greater degree of mobility than he has had in years. I drive an hour, to and from to get them there. I have told my family about Dr. Brett. Heck, I have told strangers in the street about Dr. Brett. Hopefully, you’ll give him a try.

~ Jim C.

Client for Over 20 Years

Dr. Brett and Sandy have been taking care of myself and my extended family for over 20 years. Dr. Brett was my first chiropractor when I was 19 and my knees got banged up in a car accident. Regular adjustments allowed me to avoid surgery. Since then I value chiropractic care and have returned to Main Street Chiropractic with my own family to have Dr. Brett keep our spines aligned. Dr. Brett is the real deal and cares about the wellness of all that walk through his door.

~ Mary Y.

Thank You For Helping Me During My Emergency

I was seen the next day after I called about my severe pain. Thorough explanation from beginning to end of my care. It’s all about the patient and my care which is important to me. I also received a call that evening to see if I was feeling better. They were quite cautious during this crisis which made me feel at ease.

~ Evelyn K.

Very Professional and Experienced

Dr. Brett was very professional and experienced. He took the time to explain all the details of the care plan. I'm looking forward to him helping me regain my active lifestyle with less pain and limitations.

~ Francis O.

Couldn’t be Happier

This practice has helped change my overall health, wellness and happiness in folds. I couldn’t be happier with any of my visits or results!

~ Jena C.

Treated Like Family

I've been treated like family from Sandy & Dr. Brett W. Love coming to Dr. Brett's office and I always leave knowing my body is healing from his chiropractor adjustments and from the wealth of knowledge and advice Dr Brett shares with me in my healing process! Thank you, Dr. Brett W. & Sandy

~ Margie C.

Most Comprehensive Medical Appointment

My first (5/16/2018) and second visit (5/21/2018) in your office was the most comprehensive medical appointment I have ever had, in my lifetime of 60 years.I have seen 6 chiropractors since the early 80’s. None practiced the Gonstead method. I am grateful to Dr. Rahim, Gonstead practitioner, in Los Angles, Ca. for his youtube video and thorough explanation of care. Google brought me to Dr. Brett Wartenberg. Thank you.
~ Barbara B.

Genuine Love for Chiropractic

The initial examination was much more thorough and informative than I expected. Dr. Wartenberg brings a unique combination of talents to his practice. Beyond his knowledge and experience, he shares a genuine love for chiropractic with his patients. His enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as his desire to educate his patients cannot be overlooked.

~ Tina C.

Complete Peace of Mind

After 50+years of experience of medical treatment this is the most detailed while explanations were provided related to my condition. The procedures used gave me complete peace of mind!!

~ Frank P.


I approached the office door with hope….Hauling a body full of discomfort; back pain and years of suffering with chronic Lyme disease. Sandy's smiling welcome at the reception desk was immediately reassuring. Dr. Brett's personal caring interest and great enthusiasm for my return to health was impressive and has been everlasting.

Read more Suzanne »

Hear at Main Street Chiropractic I found the answer to my ailing bodily needs. I have greatly benefited by Dr. Brett's God-given educated magic hands, his extensive knowledge and suggestions for therapeutic supplements. My life is enhanced with health an amazing return to celebrating the joy of living.

~ Suzanne I.


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