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Main Street Chiropractic Reviews

There is nothing more flattering than a review from a current patient.

Please read below to see what they have to say and give us a call if you’d like us to give you a great reason to leave a review as well!


  • Specifically looking for a Gonstead Chiropractor, thankfully I found Dr. Wartenberg. To date, I have received excellent care in order to help ease/eliminate my lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and alignment, headaches and the tingling sensation in my arm upon waking!!

    -Karen P.
  • It was nice to see the Dr Wartenberg again. Always positive energy and giving one hope for a more pain-free future.

    -Judy R.
  • It was the most thorough exam and explanation that I have ever had! I feel confident in the process.

    -Bruce D.
  • Very professional yet personable. Made me feel very comfortable.

    -Dan H.
  • My back pain is getting better and I am able to do some household chores. Thank you doctor.

    -Jessy A.
  • It was the most though Chiropractic intake I have ever experienced. Dr. Brett is passionate at what he does. He is result driven. Love him.

    -Carol P.
  • Dr Wartenberg is great! He has helped me more than any other chiropractor has in the past! I would highly recommend seeing him.

    -Cassandra M.
  • Dr Bret is awesome. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful with my issues. I would definitely recommend him to anyone of my family and friends

    -Tony S.
  • I’m thankful for the help I’m receiving!!!

    -Gwen O.


No more Suffering

“I’ve suffered back pain for forty two years. Military doctors did not help at all, only prescription painkillers were prescribed. Later in life my daughters and wife started seeing Dr. Brett and had great results. After years of nagging I finally went for a chiropractic visit. After three weeks I feel like a new person!

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Dr. Brett did an initial consultation and x-rays of my back and neck. He set me up with visits three times for three weeks. After vast improvement, I am now down to two visits a week, I no longer wakes up stiff with back pain. Daily activities like bending, walking, simply turning was painful and slow. I’ve had to give up my favorite hobbies, bowling and fishing. Now I can move around with very little problems. The staff was very helpful and information.”

~ Robert G.

I got my life back!

It was nearly five years ago that I decided I must see a physician about the dreadful pain in my knees. I visited a well-known orthopedic surgeon locally and he offered three unpleasant options, arthroscopy, and knee replacement or suffers with the pain – do nothing. My daughter suggested Dr. Brett as an alternative. I was skeptical since I doubted chiropractic care could solve what I believed to be a surgical problem.

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After a month of treatment my pain was noticeably reduced. I was encouraged and continued my treatments. No longer did I lie awake at night, sleepless due to the pain. I’ve now regained my strength, returned to my business, and most importantly, I have begun to play golf again.

~ Arden H.

The Pain is Gone

I was having numbness in my legs and especially in my feet and toes. I went to a medical doctor who sent me to a nerve specialist for tests. This doctor said I had nerve damage due to diabetes and recommended pills which did nothing to help. I couldn’t cut grass or even walk well. I kept losing my balance and falling. As a result I broke my arm and had other various injuries. I decided to try chiropractic care and after 7 weeks, the feeling has returned to my feet and toes.

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I can now sleep at night without the pain in my calves waking me. In addition, Dr. Brett told me that my blood sugar levels from the diabetes may drop with chiropractic care, and it has. I also have full range of motion with my left shoulder without any pain.

~ Roger D.

Getting rid of the Medicines

When I was little I had three problems that were pretty hard on me. I had asthma, allergies, and a bed wetting problem. My mother started seeing Dr. Brett for her own problems and found out that he might be able to help me with mine. But before this happened I was taking five different medicines for my asthma and allergies every day. I still had to go to the doctors to get shots sometimes when my asthma got too bad.

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Since I have been going to Dr. Brett and he has been adjusting my spine I don’t have to take medicine anymore, I do use my inhaler sometimes, but after 14 years that’s like a treat not to have to take a bag of pills to a friend’s house if I want to spend the night. My bed wetting is a thing of the past and I don’t have to be let out of sleepovers because I don’t’ want my friends to know. So if you know somebody who has these kinds of problems you might want to tell them about me and Dr. Brett.

~ Chris H.

Best Pregnancy Care

I am writing about my experience with chiropractic care during my second pregnancy. Towards the end of my first pregnancy, it was discovered that the baby I was carrying was in the breech position. My midwife recommended that I see a chiropractor who practiced the Webster breech technique. Unfortunately, I was already 36 weeks and the procedure did not help to turn my baby. I went on to have a cesarean section delivery. When I became pregnant with my second child, we had moved to Medford and I knew I had to find a chiropractor here who practiced the Webster breech technique.

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If found Dr. Brett was very familiar with the technique and I began chiropractic care with him during my third month of pregnancy. I discovered a t 32 weeks that this baby was also in the breech position. Dr. Brett performed the Webster technique on me three times during that week. Much to my relief, my baby turned into the correct position and stayed that way for the remainder of my pregnancy. I would urge any woman carrying a baby in the breech position to undergo chiropractic care. It is an absolutely painless procedure and it is the best way to turn a breech baby into the correct position for birth.

~ Kim B.


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