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Summer Brain vs. Semester Brain

Tue, July 16, 2019 | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

You deserve to get yourself calm and focused this summer.

This online workshop will help you understand the difference in your child’s brain in the summer instead of the school year.
Is it a good time to conquer ADHD & Anxiety. YES! Find out why.

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Headaches and Migraines: Causes & Solutions

Join us!

If you suffer from frequent headaches and/or migraines then you do not want to miss this webinar!
Dr. Leigh will share with you the underlying causes and state-of-the art treatment methods to get rid of headaches and migraines, plus Do-It-Yourself strategies to reduce headaches.

Turn down the Noise with Neurological Regulation:
Misophonia & Tinnitus

In this engaging online seminar Dr. Trish Leigh will teach you:

• What Causes Misophonia & Tinnitus. (Spoiler, it is your brain, but she will tell you how).
• What YOU can do IMMEDIATELY, by yourself, to reduce the noise issues.
• How qEEG Brain Mapping can identify what is at the root of your problem, specifically for you.
• How Neurofeedback Therapy can be individually designed for YOU to get results fast.
• The science behind all of it in a quick and easy way (with references).

Don’t Miss Out!

Electronics & Screen-Time Effects on Attention & Anxiety Webinar

I am sure you are not blown away to find out that screen time is not good for you or your child. Dr. Trish Leigh is the mother to 6 children and is a constant warrior against excessive screen time. In this webinar, Dr. Trish Leigh will show you exactly how screens affect your brain and what they do to your thinking, mood, and behavior.

Heal ADHD & Anxiety

Look no further to improve your ability to focus, process information and feel calm while doing it. You CAN be more productive in less time while feeling relaxed. The difficulties from ADHD & Anxiety start in the brain. Find out how and what to do about it.

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